The Brown Bag

What is Your Brown Bag?

Your Brown Bag all started when three friends dreamed up the ultimate food service.  They realized that working professionals were spending too much time cooking at home or waiting on food at busy restaurants during lunch rush.  In order to address this problem, Ben Mendoza, Joram Tapiero, and Luis Dominguez created Your Brown Bag. 

How Does Your Brown Bag Work?

Your Brown Bag allows you to choose from a wide array of healthy home-cooked meals. Unlike other food service providers Your Brown Bag delivers your meals to your workplace at your convenience. Even better than the convenience of having our delicious meals delivered straight to your door is our Tip-Free policy. That’s right! We take the food to you and you don’t even have to pay the delivery guy a penny! We know what you’re thinking. You’re probably reading this and thinking: “These guys are full of it. The meals must be expensive if you don’t have to pay for delivery.” Well prepare to be astounded my friends. Not only are we dead serious about our Tip-Free policy but our meals cost $4-$7 less than our top competitors. Why drive all the way to an expensive restaurant or that other healthy fast food place when our average meal cost is only $6.50 and we deliver right to you for no additional cost?

How Do I Sign Up?
     We are working on it! Fill out the form below though and not only will we hook you up with swag, we will let you be the first to know when you can register.